Have you been feeling a little off lately?

Testosterone levels (and sperm counts) have been dropping over the previous few decades, according to research. 

Male testosterone levels normally decrease slowly as you age, but we’re seeing more men in their 20s and 30s with low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels have been related to a variety of health problems, and increasing testosterone levels can help you feel better.

What is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) aims to restore and maintain hormone balance by using hormones with chemical structures that are comparable to those generated by the human body. 

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy makes use of hormones obtained from plants. These hormones can’t be copyrighted because they’re produced naturally in the body. 

While more North American doctors are becoming aware of natural hormones, European doctors have been prescribing them for years. Instead of the “one-size-fits-all” approach utilised with off-the-shelf hormones, these hormones may be custom synthesised to match each patient’s specific needs and body chemistry. 

Hormone treatment requires thorough testing, evaluation, and discussion of symptoms with a doctor. Contact our clinic to be in touch with one of our natural hormone replacement therapy practitioners.

Hormone Replacement Solutions in Toronto

Hormone replacement treatment isn’t only for ladies, but also for gentlemen. We notice reduced amounts of testosterone and hormone imbalances as we get older, which leads to diminished energy, decreased muscle mass, weight gain, and decreased sex desire. Many men can experience dramatic increases in testosterone levels with the appropriate therapy, allowing them to live the life they deserve.

Andropause Therapy “Male Menopause”

Men, like women, go through menopause, which results in a reduction in hormones. 

Male menopause, also known as Andropause, is not as critical as female menopause. Some men may suffer a sharp drop in testosterone levels, which may be linked to the hormonal changes that women go through throughout menopause. Most males, on the other hand, have a gradual and generally more modest drop in hormone levels. 

Older men may see a significant reversal of many of the abnormalities produced by ageing when hormones are replenished or restored to physiologic levels deemed typical for younger males.


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Testosterone Insufficiency

The hormone Testosterone is used in natural hormone replacement therapy for males. Natural Testosterone should not be confused with synthetic Testosterone derivatives. For many years, testosterone insufficiency in men has gone unnoticed, probably because testosterone levels in men’s blood decline with time. 

Pregnenolone, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), Aromatase Inhibitors, Chrysin, Dihydrotestosterone, Zinc, Selenium, and other supplements may be added to Andropause Replacement Therapy. 

The “grumpy man syndrome” refers to a variety of symptoms associated with testosterone insufficiency.

Testosterone insufficiency can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including:

Compound Dosage

Testosterone is absorbed into the skin with the use of creams and gels that may be administered to the body. There is no need to shave, and the cream/gel absorbs quickly into the skin. 

Buccal or sublingual — This is a wonderful option for fast absorption. Sublingual drops, sublingual or buccal troches (gelatin or wax lozenges), and sublingual or buccal troches (gelatin or wax lozenges) are all absorbed through the oral mucosa. Over 100 flavours are available for this one-of-a-kind dose type. 

When topical or sublingual administration is not possible, oral capsules are an option.

Advantages of Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

At Nova Medical Men’s Clinic, there are a few different forms of hormone replacement treatment that can help you reach balance. Your doctor will choose the best treatment option for you. It all depends on your symptoms as well as your overall health objectives.

For additional information on how we can assist you, please contact our medical specialists today.


Low Testosterone Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects men. Here are some of the low testosterone symptoms that men can experience:

Low testosterone can be remedied. Your mood, memory, energy levels, muscular strength, sleep, bone health, libido, and sexual performance will all improve as a result of testosterone treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy has also been shown to improve heart health, cholesterol levels, and life expectancy. When men’s testosterone levels are adjusted, they feel and operate better, and Nova Medical Men’s Clinic practitioners can assist.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Adults receive Human Growth Hormone Therapy (or HGH Therapy) to treat a variety of significant medical problems. It can, however, be used to help men gain muscle mass, lose body fat, and enhance bone density. HGH is a hormone that our bodies naturally generate to aid with growth, cell regeneration, and reproduction. 

Types of Hormone Therapy For Men

Hormone treatment for males comes in a variety of forms. 

If your doctor recommends testosterone treatment, you have many options. These are some of them: 

Hormone Replacement Therapy's Risks for Men

The sort of therapy you pick will ultimately be determined by your symptoms and the advice of your healthcare professional. Hormone replacement therapy, like other medical therapies, comes with its own set of risks and adverse effects. 

Increased fluid retention, acne, and increased urination are all minor adverse effects. It is important to have a discussion with our medical experts in order to learn more about the possibilities that may affect you. 

Replacement of Testosterone Benefits

Testosterone replacement therapy is a well-known treatment for men who have abnormally low testosterone levels (testosterone deficiency) and have failed to respond to previous treatments. As a result, this form of therapy can aid in the improvement of energy levels, libido, and tiredness. Testosterone can be replaced in a variety of ways, including with topical patches, creams or gels, injections and pellets.

Other benefits include: 

For the Treatment of Males

Hormone treatments can help some men who have abnormally low testosterone levels. Hypogonadism, for example, can result in abnormally low testosterone levels. It is a testicular malfunction that inhibits the body from generating the appropriate quantity of testosterone. 

If you have any additional questions about our hormone replacement therapy, contact one of our experts. 

What Does Testosterone Do For Men?

For males of all ages, testosterone is a vital hormone. It is crucial to a young man’s sexual development and physical growth during puberty. Testosterone is the hormone that controls the development of a man’s sex organs as well as his libido. It’s also in charge of a young man’s physical strength, vitality, and endurance as he grows older. The male hormone testosterone is intimately linked to masculinity.

Testosterone aids in the maintenance of bone density, fat distribution, muscular strength, muscle mass, red blood cell formation, sex desire, and sperm generation in adult males. Men’s testosterone production normally declines as they become older. This decline usually starts around the age of thirty, and many men detect the consequences around the age of forty.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Hormone Replacement FAQ

What is low testosterone and how does it work?

Testosterone is a hormone that is crucial for both men and women when it comes to sex. Testosterone is responsible for both desire and performance, and an imbalance in this hormone may make men and women feel dissatisfied, ashamed, and ultimately sad about their love lives, especially beyond the age of 40. Hormone replacement treatment, or HRT, has been shown to increase testosterone levels in males.

What can I expect from my hormone replacement treatment?

The advantages and side effects of testosterone replacement treatment differ from person to person. Men, on the other hand, tend to perceive increased sleep quality, vitality, and libido as the first advantages. These generally appear within the first several weeks of treatment. In the weeks ahead, you’ll see improvements in your cognition (concentration, memory, clarity), mood, lean muscle mass, and fat reduction. It’s crucial to remember that hormone replacement treatment wont work overnight, and that long-term success requires persistence and attention to detail.

How long until I can expect results?

Hormone optimization is as distinctive as each of our patients. Within 7-10 days after the pellets are implanted, a steady dosage of bio-identical hormones enters the bloodstream, and BHRT begins to operate. Within 2-4 weeks, the majority of patients report some symptom improvement.

Will I experience any side effects from this treatment?

Acne, bloating, and weight gain are all typical side effects. Because everyone is different, it’s difficult to predict what side effects you’ll have. To reduce the possibility of adverse effects, we evaluate hormone levels and symptoms on a regular basis throughout treatment.

Do I Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

A medical condition, advanced age, or a combination of the two can cause low testosterone leading to the need of hormone replacement therapy. To determine whether you have low T, you’ll need medical help and analysis, which is usually done by blood tests. Obtaining a doctor’s advice under the most responsible of circumstances is required to determine whether or not you should begin testosterone replacement treatment. 

To put it simply, if you’re older and have discovered that your testosterone levels are low enough to accept a doctor’s advice that says you may benefit from TRT, then this hormone replacement therapy is for you.

On the other hand, if you’re an adolescent or young adult who hasn’t figured out whether your symptoms are related to low T or if you want to start TRT for the wrong reasons, TRT is probably not for you.

What Can I Expect From My Hormone Replacement Therapy At Nova Medical Men’s Clinic?

Our main priority at our clinic is to diagnose and effectively treat your condition. Hormone replacement therapy can improve your muscular growth, bone density, libido, and general sense of well-being with the convenience of in-person or online consultations.

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Consultation

You’re only a few clicks away from beginning hormone replacement treatment that will change your life. 

Our skilled patient care staff and doctors have over a decade of clinical experience and are committed to helping you achieve your hormone health and overall wellness goals—and you can start the process in four simple steps.

Individualized, Highly Personalised Care

Our professional patient care team has over a decade of clinical expertise and is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need to reach your hormone health and overall wellness objectives.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life

It’s something that every male has gone through. Around the age of 25, testosterone levels begin to drop, regardless of what you do. Chronic illness, alcohol misuse, stress, trauma, and obesity are all examples of lifestyle factors that can produce low testosterone levels.

TRT treatments, on the other hand, can help you increase testosterone levels while also improving your overall performance and well-being in four important areas.

Muscular Size, Strength, and Endurance —TRT boosts muscle size, strength, and endurance. 

Healthy Weight Loss — Testosterone replacement therapy can help you lose weight and reduce your BMI naturally, giving you a slimmer shape. 

TRT will provide you with a massive energy boost that you will undoubtedly notice and enjoy as it improves your physical and mental endurance. 

TRT will have a substantial impact on your brain functions, improving your intelligence and revitalising your memory and concentration.

Consult Your Doctor Before Beginning Treatment

Hormone replacement treatment can be highly useful for males in some situations, but it is not for everyone. Before beginning any treatment, talk to your primary care physician about your symptoms and whether or not you have abnormally low testosterone levels. Then make an appointment with the Nova Medical Men’s Clinic team for a consultation. We’re committed to assisting you in looking and feeling your absolute best.

What Is the Importance of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone, the major male sex hormone, is responsible for the development of sex organs as well as sexual characteristics including muscular growth, bone density, desire, and overall well-being. Every male over the age of 25 is affected by low testosterone levels, and the effects are usually regarded as anticipated signs of aging—but Hormone Replacement Therapy can successfully stop and reverse this process.

Do you have any of the following signs or symptoms?

We’re happy to tell you that they aren’t inevitable. They are caused by a hormonal imbalance, which hormone replacement therapy may effectively treat by boosting testosterone levels and balancing your body and mind, resulting in symptoms that are either much reduced or entirely gone. 

In other words, while ageing is inevitable, low-testosterone-related ageing symptoms can be treated medically, allowing you to reclaim your youthful vitality!


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

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Hormone therapy is a viable therapeutic option for males with unusually low testosterone levels. It is, however, not without risks. These risks may outweigh the benefits if you’re considering hormone therapy to compensate for a natural decline in testosterone levels. 

Consult your doctor for safer alternatives. Walking, running, and swimming may all help you keep your heart in good shape, while resistance training can help you develop muscle mass. Contact us now to schedule a consultation with one of our Nova Medical Men’s Clinic specialists.

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