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To schedule a private and confidential consultation to discuss penile augmentation, please fill out the form and one of our medical experts will get in touch with you.


Why Choose Nova Medical Men's Clinic?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), nutritional deficiencies, Low-Testosterone levels, and other sex-related problems are all treated by our doctors. We can customize your treatment to your particular requirements and medical history thanks to our unique methodology, which enables us to assist individuals of various ages and backgrounds. Even if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical issues, Nova Medical Men’s Clinic can help. Patients will work with a competent and experienced physician who is up to speed on the latest procedures and treatments for a variety of men’s sexual health problems.

Dr. Michael Gartner

For a Men’s Clinic in NJ, Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading choice for excellence. Dr. Gartner is set apart as a double board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon. While some procedures may be offered through less qualified technicians, the high standard of a our clinic comes from decades of detailed surgical experience and advanced education. Dr. Gartner is renowned among colleagues and clients worldwide as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He prides himself on being closely involved with all aspects of the patient’s journey, from in-depth, private consultation and strategic planning, to personalized treatment and consistent post-procedure care. Because his surgical approach is always adapted to be as minimally invasive as possible, his patients can count on a comfortable experience with reduced recovery time. Dr. Gartner’s patients benefit from his adaptable methods, which are customized for each client’s unique needs.

Our New Jersey Nova Medical Men’s Clinic has long been known as a premier treatment center for men’s health and wellness issues. 

We offer a service tailored specifically for guys, despite the fact that males and females have equal access to healthcare and medicines. In order to ensure that people in need get the best possible care, we provide a variety of services at our clinic to promote health, reverse any ongoing issues, and create healthy lives. 

Our physicians and surgeons have extensive expertise in men’s health and are available to assist you at any time. 

Nova Medical Men’s Clinic is a national wellness center that takes a multidisciplinary, integrative, and holistic approach to treating men’s health issues. 

Our interdisciplinary team of medical experts works together to identify the root of your illness, treat the underlying cause of symptoms, and help patients make long-term lifestyle adjustments to improve their health. 

A particular area of expertise for us is men’s health and well-being. In the field of men’s health, it goes without saying that our medical experts take pride in offering the best customer service and patient care at each and every one of our locations. 

Our services and products offer a discrete treatment that will allow you to resume your usual activities almost right away. We believe that your health is our priority and offering the best care for our patients comes first. 

It’s time to schedule a consultation with a specialist to discuss your specific needs.

At Nova Medical Men’s Clinic, we strive to offer the finest health and wellness programs possible for our customers. We specialize in a variety of treatments, such as ED, vitamin shortages, and therapies. The doctors at our clinic have all received extensive training in the area of men’s health. 

We provide online booking as a convenience to our customers, allowing them to make appointments whenever they choose. 

We have world-renowned surgeons and specialists on board at our New Jersey Nova Medical Men’s Clinic to ensure that you receive the results you want. Our medical professionals have decades of experience working in the area of men’s health and are well aware of the health issues that men may face. Because of their knowledge and experience, you may expect the greatest results from your treatment. 


Our devoted doctors and staff take pleasure in offering individualized services and specialized care; we provide aftercare and support before and after all treatments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may be certain that with our treatments and the care of our licensed medical team, you will get the desired outcomes. 


For men’s health, we provide industry-leading wellness treatments and products. Our therapies are especially designed for guys. While most men will develop health problems and symptoms later in age, we offer industry-leading treatments and solutions to help reverse those effects and promote wellness. 

Men’s health might be ignored at times, and our objective at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic is to change that.

Innovative goods and services to counteract the effects of aging and improve sexual performance.

Successful treatments for health problems and symptoms.

Adjustments to one’s lifestyle and treatment programs that are healthy.

Recovery periods that are quick.

• Medical experts and personnel with years of experience.


Our Products And Services In New Jersey

Your first goal should be to maintain healthy habits and take care of oneself. Our clinic provides all of the treatments required to meet those health requirements. According to surveys, approximately 52 percent of males have a health problem or are at risk of developing one in the future, according to a health study. Erectile dysfunction, vitamin insufficiency, and other diseases are among them. The goal of our Men’s Clinic is to offer the appropriate treatments and solutions to assist our customers in managing and improving their symptoms. In addition, we provide health treatment programs that are tailored to your particular requirements. Contact our team for additional information on speaking with one of our medical professionals. Here are some of the services that we offer at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic


Men's Clinic Consultation

Changes in your lifestyle may have a big impact on your overall health and possibly help you prevent certain illnesses and problems in the future. As men grow older, they need specialized medical examinations and treatments to prevent or rectify existing medical issues and live a healthy lifestyle. Low testosterone (LT) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are two issues that may develop over time and should be identified and treated as soon as possible. Our diverse range of services guarantees that our customers get the best possible results in terms of avoiding and managing problems.

Why Choose Us

In New Jersey, there are many options for treating and preventing medical problems. Our medical professionals have been educated and are very competent in treating the symptoms at hand. We value the idea that we are people caring for humans as a profession. We are driven in our work by the conviction that people deserve better medical care provided quicker. Every patient, in our view, is entitled to and should expect some level of VIP treatment. Respect and attention are shown to our patients by our experienced experts. The facility is clean and pleasant, and it offers a lovely and quiet atmosphere when you need it the most. Patient care at our hospital is of the highest quality, provided by dedicated medical experts in a timely and effective manner. Make an appointment with one of our experienced experts by contacting us now.

To schedule a private and confidential consultation to discuss penile augmentation, please fill out the form and one of our medical experts will get in touch with you.


New Jersey's Best Men's Wellness Clinic

Men’s health and well-being is a special area of expertise for us. It goes without saying that our medical professionals take pleasure in providing the finest customer service and patient care in the area of men’s health at each of our locations. Our goods and services provide a discreet therapy that allows you to resume your normal activities nearly immediately. We believe that your health is our top priority, and that providing the finest possible care to our patients is our top focus. It’s time to meet with a professional to discuss your particular requirements.

Finding the appropriate clinic that provides the medical treatment you need may be challenging; however, Nova Medical Men’s Clinic is here to assist you.

Our goods and services are designed especially for men and their requirements. We recognize that everyone’s requirements are unique, and that the kind of care required varies. As a result, we tailor our consultation approach to each client in order to detect issues, assess the medical cause, and provide the best treatment options for their specific objectives.

Complicated treatment regimens are no longer necessary; instead, a basic, in-office therapy is sufficient. What can I do to improve my health? To discover it, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

People who have had medical problems or symptoms in the past and are seeking for a long-term solution are good candidates for our men’s treatment programs. There are a variety of procedures that may provide temporary relief, but you can anticipate long-term benefits with our top therapies. 

The vast majority of men who visit Nova Medical Men’s Clinic want to undo the damage they’ve already done. Living with ED and its symptoms may sometimes affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. Men are driven to discover a solution and achieve a natural conclusion as a consequence of these emotions. As a consequence of their experiences, those who have had therapy are seen to be more confident and happy. 

We provide cutting-edge treatment plans that may assist you in establishing healthy habits and regulating your everyday routine. In addition, our New Jersey clinic provides a range of men’s therapy programs, ED treatments, and Vitamin B-12 injections. 

Our patients should not be limited to a single therapy choice, in our opinion. Depending on your health, you may expect our experts to diagnose the issue and provide the best course of action for reversing the consequences. 

Some men may find it challenging to find health treatments that really address their issues and concerns. At our men’s only clinic, our staff is committed to delivering a full and gratifying experience. By using specifically designed therapies for males, we want to help you in getting on the right road to a healthy lifestyle with our leading treatment regimens. 

Please call our state-of-the-art New Jersey site if you want to learn more about the cutting-edge treatment options available at our men’s medical clinic. 

Men’s health problems may strike at any age, although they are more likely to strike around the age of 50. Men’s genetics determine just around 30% of their overall health, whereas 70% may be affected by altering one’s lifestyle. 

There are many treatments available on the market these days, so it’s no surprise that when those things fail, individuals seek help from experts. 

It’s crucial to visit with one of our physicians to see whether you’re a suitable candidate for any of the treatments we provide at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic, so we can come up with the ideal treatment plan for you. 

Each of our clients’ health is assessed throughout the consultation process. Erectile Dysfunction, Vitamin B-12 Injections, Penis Enlargement, bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Testosterone Replacement, Urinary Incontinence, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Scrotox are just a few of the services we provide to our patients as a premier men’s health center (Botox injections into balls). 

As a result, specialist therapies are more likely to help males. Our ability to provide these therapies enables our customers to get the best possible outcomes and reclaim the lives they deserve. 

Many treatments and procedures today may be uncomfortable, but our goal at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic is to provide specialized therapies that provide long-lasting natural outcomes while also reducing the pain associated with the procedure’s. 

The majority of our treatments are minimally invasive and do not need any extra recuperation time. As a consequence, our customers may almost instantly resume their regular activities. We strive to provide the highest level of comfort at our clinic in order to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Depending on the treatment plan you choose, you may have some mild side effects after your operation. Your physicians will go through those symptoms with you during your visit. 

Our specialists are committed to offering men a variety of integrated health therapies that encourage self-care, longevity, and overall quality of life. Our Men’s Health initiative aims to raise awareness of avoidable health problems among men as well as encourage early identification and treatment of medical problems. 

We are one of the country’s biggest private clinics, with specialists in men’s health and wellness prevention. Our approach has been proven to be effective in treating a variety of men’s health issues, including correcting existing illnesses, preventing recurrence, and avoiding negative health outcomes.

Schedule Your Appointment at our Clinic

You’ll be asked questions about your health history and experiences during your appointment so that the most effective treatment strategy for you may be identified. Among other things, you’ll learn about the suggested treatment and what to anticipate throughout the recovery process. Most of our treatments require a follow-up appointment to maintain or continue therapy; our specialists will take note of this. At our Men’s Clinic, one of our highly experienced medical experts will provide our in-office treatments. Our learning center has more information on our men’s services and goods. Calling or writing to us with any questions you may have is the first step in regaining your health. We can’t wait to meet you!

Prior to your first visit, you will be given papers to fill out that will provide an overview of your medical and surgical experiences. In addition, your doctor will go through the current issues you’re experiencing with vitamin deficiencies, sexual performance, and general lifestyle with you for a better understanding. During your consultation, you will be given options for the best solutions depending on your circumstance. During your initial visit, which may be done in person or over the phone, you’ll meet with your doctor for a comprehensive confidential personal health assessment. A thorough examination, as well as a review of your medical history, current health, and symptoms, are all part of this assessment. Our highly trained medical professionals have successfully treated patients using the most cutting-edge therapies available throughout their careers. Whether or not you have a recommendation, you may schedule your first appointment with us.

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