If you are having trouble sustaining an erection or finding it difficult to ejaculate, you are not alone in feeling stressed out about your situation. A large number of males are experiencing the same issue as you.

Even though it may be difficult to manage, it is important that you get professional guidance if you are concerned about your sexual health.


Being a young man experiencing ED can be extremely stressful. It is usually anxiousness that is the most prevalent cause of erectile dysfunction among young men. Worrying about your body, not wanting to look unskilled, or losing your erection while putting on a condom are all examples of such anxieties.


Despite the fact that 70% of men over the age of 70 are still sexually active, the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction increases as you grow older. This may be associated with the degradation of the blood vessels that provide blood to the penis, as well as the deterioration of the arteries that supply blood to the heart or the brain.

Both men and women may – and do – suffer from issues that interfere with their sexual life. Your enthusiasm in sex may have decreased, you may have been unable to keep an erection, you may be experiencing premature ejaculation, or you may be experiencing problems achieving an orgasm. There are a variety of factors that might contribute to male sexual dysfunction.

The Root Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction may include the following.

Erectile dysfunction is not something to be taken lightly. And despite the fact that it is a difficult subject to broach, our educated specialists can provide you with sound guidance on what may have contributed to your present dilemma in the first place.

Many men like talking about sex, but, like women, they may find it more difficult to speak about sex when things aren’t going as well as they would want. At the Men’s Clinic, you will not be judged or discussed in any way. If you need assistance with some of the most personal aspects of your life, we are here to help!

The Signs And Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

The signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction might differ from one individual to the next. If you have erectile dysfunction, you may experience the following symptoms:

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Erectile Dysfunction May Be Caused By A Low Level Of Testosterone

Even while low T is not the main cause of erectile dysfunction, it does seem to be linked to the disease. Low testosterone is associated with erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, the link between the two is more complicated. While it may be difficult to determine whether or not this is the cause of ED, we can provide hormone therapy treatments that may be beneficial in treating the condition.

When It Comes To Erectile Dysfunction Surgery, What Are Your Options?

If various types of treatment are ineffective in treating your erectile dysfunction, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem.

A surgical procedure is often performed to achieve one of the following objectives:

Are Treatments For ED Worth It?

ED is a widespread problem that has a substantial influence on both men and their female companions. First and foremost, you must acknowledge that you are suffering from ED and that it is bothering you.

If this is the case, it is time to seek assistance from one of our medical professionals. Your nurse or surgeon may begin the review of your ED during your consultation to identify if there are any potentially reversible reasons that have been identified.

If you experience ED, it is critical that you get your health assessed by one of our experts since ED is often caused by medical issues that, if not diagnosed and addressed, may potentially lead to more severe symptoms.

Once a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction has been made, a variety of treatments are available at our clinic, ranging from oral medications that can be taken on demand, intraurethral therapies, penile procedures and procedures for arterial revascularization which are conducted on a less frequent basis. It is important to review the indications and risks associated with each of these treatments in order to decide which is the best option for you.

Are Treatments For ED Worth It?

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant improvement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Men may look forward to resuming sexual activity after receiving guidance and/or therapy for their sexual dysfunction. Many men have said that their lives have been completely changed as a result of the therapy and procedures we offer.

Erectile Dysfunction And Penile Implants: What You Need To Know

In the past, the implantation of a prosthetic device also known as a penile implant into the penis was the only viable treatment for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by an organic reason such as having to do with a biological organ or organ system.

Whenever possible, nonsurgical therapy alternatives are considered first before resorting to surgical treatment choices. Despite this, when other therapies fail, a penile implant remains a viable type of therapy for extremely determined men who have tried everything else.

During your consultation with one of our experts, your doctor will explain the advantages of having a penile implant to help with your ED.

Almost all men who have had penile implants report happiness with their decision.
Part of the reason for this is that this type of treatment is considered to be permanent for patients rather than constantly taking over the counter medication.

causes of erectile dysfunction

To schedule a private and confidential consultation to discuss penile augmentation, please fill out the form and one of our medical experts will get in touch with you.


Inflatable Implants For Erectile Dysfunction

The inflatable implant is made up of the following parts. 


Two cylinders, which are surgically implanted into the genital area

A pump that is implanted in the scrotum

A reservoir, either inside the cylinders or in an additional reservoir inserted under the tissue of the lower abdomen which is used to store fluid.

In order to inflate the cylinders of an inflatable implant, you must squeeze the pump that has been implanted into the scrotum. The pump transfers fluid from a reservoir implanted in the lower abdomen to a set of cylinders placed in the penis with the use of a catheter. The expansion of these cylinders results in the formation of an erection.

The inflatable implant is usually useful for 7-10 years until it has to be replaced, at which point you can reach out to our clinic for help. The majority, if not all, of the firms that manufacture these devices provide lifetime guarantees on both the parts and the components.

Vacuum Pumps For ED

Another procedure option we offer at Men’s Clinic in New Jersey are specialized pumps. In short, these are erection devices that use a vacuum to erect the penis. Vacuum devices work by drawing blood into the tissue within your penis, which results in an erection. A little ring will likely be required in conjunction with this sort of equipment in order to maintain your erection during sex.

Why Choose ED Treatments At The Men’s Clinic In New Jersey?

In order to provide the best possible care for each of our patients, our men’s customized clinic uses only the most advanced treatments and procedures available on the market. In order to help our patients reach their objectives, we place a great value on providing not only the finest services but also the highest level of patient care.

To learn more about the reasons of erectile dysfunction, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, and we would be pleased to assist you in developing a treatment plan that is personalized to your unique requirements.

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