Scrotox in Toronto- Testical Botox

Scrotox therapy, Toronto’s testicle Botox procedure, is generating a lot of buzz and positive feedback. 

Until today, the male scrotum was rarely considered in aesthetic surgery. The desire to improve the appearance of the male scrotum has grown in popularity in the United States and Canada. Consider the “Brazilian shave,” which entails shaving and lasering one’s genitals in order to get the desired look. While scrotal aesthetics remain a carefully kept secret, there is rising demand for a more youthful appearance.

What Exactly Is Scrotox?

The sack of skin that holds the testicles in place is known as the male scrotum. Because the scrotum’s dartos muscle helps tighten and stretch the tissue, neuromodulator injections to relax it can smooth it out for months. The skin is inherently elastic, sensitive, and wrinkled in this area, especially as a man gets older. 

While many men are unconcerned by their testes’ appearance, others may be self-conscious about the wrinkled appearance or find it physically unpleasant. Muscle tissue tension that squeezes the testicles and feels uncomfortable are common reasons why men seek Scrotox therapy. 

Treatment with Scrotox has a high rate of success and little adverse effects, allowing many men to avoid more intrusive treatments. 

Scrotox therapy can help them look more prominent or filled out, thus a rising number of customers are choosing this cosmetic injection to smooth out wrinkles on their testes. 

Scrotal rejuvenation with a neuromodulator injection may assist to decrease wrinkles, and Botox injections are a well-known treatment for persistent scrotal discomfort (CSP). The toxin prevents muscles from contracting by blocking contraction receptors. Treatment with Scrotox lasts around 4 to 5 months, until new nerve terminals and synaptic connections develop. Until the effects wear off, the scrotum will feel soft and relaxed instead of rigid and hard.

Scrotox Solutions in Toronto

It’s exactly what it sounds like: scrotum wrinkle smoothing. If you’ve heard of this little cosmetic change, you’re probably aware that it’s been increasingly popular among men throughout the world in recent years. You might be scratching your head if you haven’t heard of this before, but we’re here to explain all the details of the industry leading treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Testicular Botox?

The benefits of Scrotox therapy are numerous, however many are anecdotal. Men in Toronto who have had their testicles Botoxed may experience the following side effects: 


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Injecting Botulinum Toxin Into Male Testes

The popularity of this quick, painless operation is only growing! Men are opting for cosmetic injections for their forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet in greater numbers than ever before, and they’re now quietly asking their doctor about rejuvenation below the belt as well.

Scrotox is one of several man-friendly cosmetic procedures that we excel at at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic in Toronto. We cater to males specifically and provide hormones, penile filler, PRP (platelet-rich plasma treatment), toxin injections, IV vitamin drip therapy, and other male enhancement procedures. Every day, we assist males in feeling better about their personal life and performance. 

We’re here to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as other important information about testicular Botox injection. Continue reading to discover more about this treatment and weigh your choices.

Treatment Options for Scrotum

Scrotums and testicles, like breasts and labia, exist in many shapes and sizes. There is also a lot of diversity in skin colour across the scrotum. 

The following are the two most common requests in Toronto: 

What Works Best For Me?

The testicles, veins, lymphatics, spermatic cords, and other structures make up the scrotum, which is made up of numerous layers of muscles and fascia. Because spermatozoid synthesis is closely connected to a testicular temperature of 35 to 35.5° C, which is slightly lower than body temperature, contraction of the scrotal skin (as observed when exposed to cold weather and cold water) serves to regulate testicular temperature.

The male sac, like the breasts in women, begins to droop as he gets older (a condition called scrotal ptosis). Exaggerated hanging of the testes affects certain men, making them sensitive when walking and unpleasant during intercourse. Others like the testes that are higher up for cosmetic reasons. 

Other medical reasons of scrotal enlargement and/or discomfort, such as testicular torsion, hydrocoele, varicocele, hematocele, epididymitis, or inguinal hernia, must first be ruled out. A scrotal lift might be considered if the problem is due to natural ageing and/or skin thinning due to gravity.

Claimed Advantages Of Scrotox

Scrotox began as a strictly medical technique to reduce scrotal discomfort caused by inflammation. It’s especially beneficial for chronic (long-term) discomfort that won’t go away after therapy of the spermatic cord or enlarged scrotum veins, according to research (varicocele). 

This technique has now been the subject of a slew of additional allegations, including the following:

What Is A Scrotal Lift And How Does It Work?

The scrotal lift can be done under general anaesthesia or with IV sedation and local anaesthetic. Over the central raphe, a broad vertical ellipse of skin and muscle is frequently removed (the small line in the middle of the scrotum, which is the result of the meeting of the 2 sides during embryogenesis). The surgical scar is left in the centre, precisely where this line already exists.

As with a breast lift, the lift is achieved by removing skin and closing in stages. The testicles are pushed up by this process. When there is too much scrotal skin, a short horizontal incision must be made fully beneath the scrotum where it meets the perineum (the area between the scrotum, or labia, and the anus), resulting in a well-hidden scar. 

For a greater, longer-lasting impact, it’s necessary to conduct both muscle and skin restoration, like with a facelift. Thankfully, the thinner the skin on the body, the faster the scars heal (think of areas such as the eyelid, lips, labia, areola, mouth mucosa, etc.).


What To Expect

If the notion of needles “down there” makes you nervous, be assured that the procedure is quick, painless, and quite pleasant. The majority of guys are pleasantly pleased to find Scrotox therapy to be simple and unnerving. 

The majority of men report Scrotox therapy as painless, however you may feel a minor pinch. The complete operation takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes from start to end! 

What May I Anticipate Throughout My Recovery?

A Scrotox treatment is quick and painless to recover from. 

Scrotox is a non-invasive process that allows you to get back to regular activity almost right away. You may go to the doctor’s office, get it done, and be on your way home in minutes. If there are any unexpected side effects or problems, the entire procedure may take longer.

You don’t need to take a day off work or other activities to do this task and can usually return to regular activities almost right away. 

You may need to avoid moving heavy things or having sex for a few hours following. However, towards the end of the day, you should be able to resume your normal activities.

It’s possible that you won’t notice the effects immediately. Within a few days to a week, you’ll undoubtedly notice any cosmetic changes.

Botox for the testicles is an outpatient treatment. Many busy professionals do this quietly over their lunch break and return to work quickly. 

After Scrotox treatment, you may be recommended to avoid working out, sweating, heavy lifting, or having intercourse for 12 hours. After an injection, tiny bruises may occur. These go away in 7 to 14 days. By 4 to 5 days after your Scrotox treatment, you should be able to observe the benefits.

Potential Side Effects of Scrotox Toronto

This treatment has very little side effects. Following a Scrotox injection, some people have reported experiencing numbness and mild to severe scrotum discomfort and swelling, bruising, and a tightness in your scrotum surrounding the injection location. Botox administered elsewhere in the body has also been linked to certain adverse effects. The majority of them concern traditional face Botox injections, but they’re worth examining and discussing with our medical professional before committing to long-term Scrotox treatment. 

How Long Is It Going To Last?

Scrotox’s effects typically last three to four months. The results of this treatment are usually seen four to seven days following the treatment date. Recurring treatments may be required to maintain the favourable benefits year after year.

Other Treatment Options

The anterior scrotal skin is too attached to the ventral side of the penile shaft in certain males. This generates a skin “web,” giving the appearance of a smaller penis. Surgery can be used to repair the webbing, removing the scrotal sac and restoring the actual length of the penile shaft. 

Hyperhidrosis, often known as excessive sweating, is another condition that Botox is widely used to treat. Botox is commonly used to treat excessive sweating in the hands, soles, and underarms, but we can also use it to treat excessive sweating in the scrotum.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Scrotox FAQ

Who gets Scrotox?

Scrotox is chosen by individuals for a variety of reasons, each with its own set of advantages. Patients in their early 20s to their 50s, with the majority in their 20s and 30s, want this therapy, and the two most prevalent reasons we hear for seeking treatment are testicular discomfort due to contraction and testicles that seem too small. 

The treatment is also frequently requested to reduce perspiration and wrinkle look. There’s also the added benefit of increased enjoyment during sexual activity, thanks to Scrotox’s tendency to boost sensitivity, as well as the psychological benefit of increased self-assurance. Furthermore, because it relaxes the testicles, Scrotox is commonly used to treat men who are having reproductive issues.

What happens during a Scrotox treatment?

Despite the fact that Scrotox includes injections, the process is quite painless and simple. To make you as comfortable as possible, a numbing lotion will be given to your scrotum, and then around 50 mild Botox injections will be delivered with a tiny needle. These injections are administered into the skin rather than the testicles, and the substance is absorbed into the nerves in that location. Most patients are astonished at how fast the injections are administered, with treatment times ranging from 2 to 5 minutes on average.

Indications of Scrotox?

How long does Scrotox take to work?

Scrotox results emerge one week after treatment and persist for three to four months.

What is the best place to inject Scrotox?

An alcohol pad is used to clean the scrotal region first. After that, a coating of topical anaesthetic is applied to the whole scrotum surface. The scrotal region is injected with Botox with minimal discomfort or pain once the area is sedated (approximately 15-25 minutes later). The process from the consultation to post-treatment takes around 45 minutes on average.

What happens if Botox is injected into your balls?

Botox injections into the scrotum reduce wrinkles and enhance overall look. It also causes your testicles to droop lower, giving them a larger appearance. Many men enjoy this sort of appearance, while others are merely searching for a solution to any problems they may be suffering from.

Results and Downtime?

With Scrotox, there is no downtime. Patients can resume their normal activities right away; however, heavy lifting and sexual activity should be avoided for a few hours. 

Scrotox has extremely few side effects, however some patients may report temporary numbness, swelling, bruising, a tight sensation, and/or pain. If you’re concerned about side effects or have any questions, you may address them with your doctor at your consultation. Scrotox results emerge one week after treatment and persist for three to four months.

Are there any risks?

Although we recommend you consult our medical professionals prior to this treatments, the risks are generally rare in patients receiving Scrotox. Scrotox may affect the scrotum’s temperature control, which can affect sperm count and efficacy. This is due to the fact that sperm works better at a lower temperature than the rest of the body.



Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

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Scrotox As A Medical Therapy

Scrotox is a well-known therapy for persistent scrotal pain (CSP) or inflammation caused by scrotum-related disorders. 

Scrotox has been proven to be extremely useful in the treatment of pain. Scrotox injections decreased CSP for up to three months.

Scrotox may have some medicinal advantages, but there is no evidence that it would improve your sex life. It’s a rather safe operation if you’re interested in having it done. However, keep in mind that Botox might cause numbness or discomfort, which can interfere with your sexual enjoyment.

Nova Medical Men’s Clinic Scrotox Treatment

Finally, because the scrotum and the female labia are comparable in the early stages of human embryogenesis, cosmetic procedures on the scrotum are similar to aesthetic surgery on the female labia (i.e., labiaplasty). Correcting aesthetic faults isn’t anything to be embarrassed of. As more men become aware of their treatment options, scrotal therapies are becoming less stigmatised and much more popular. 

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