Incontinence Reduction in Toronto

Are you under the idea that incontinence can’t be cured? Or are you concerned about what it may entail? 

You don’t have to accept unwelcome changes as you get older. Incontinence can be reduced or eliminated with the use of safe, effective, and painless treatments.

Urinary incontinence, commonly known as bladder leakage or UI, is the involuntary flow of urine in males. Although the symptoms are frequently linked to transitory and reversible illnesses, many men who suffer from this widespread problem feel it is humiliating and are unsure where to get treatment. Male incontinence treatment in Toronto provides a natural, non-surgical solution to a problem that affects so many men. 

Nova Medical Men’s Clinic Can Help

Our Toronto clinic focuses solely on men’s health. Our doctors are board-certified medical professionals that treat a wide range of male patients of various ages and backgrounds.

Men are becoming more aware of aesthetic and health-related options for improving their life and eradicating signs of ageing. Your energy, self-assurance, and performance may all be bold and energising once more. The goal is to approach self-care in a comprehensive and harmonious manner. If you’re having trouble with urine leaks or weak muscles that contribute to unsatisfactory erections, our team can help.

Regain your confidence without surgery or a lengthy recovery period. You may avoid embarrassment and get back to enjoying your life to the fullest with our discreet incontinence treatments.

Stress Free Urinary Continence Solutions in Toronto

Urinary incontinence affects men of all ages, although it is most prevalent among the elderly. The majority of people choose to live with the problem by taking medication, or undergoing surgery. Physiotherapy, on the other hand, is one of the most effective treatments for improving bladder control. Let our team at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic help you solve this issue.

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a condition in which you are unable to regulate when you urinate, or ‘pee.’ This can sometimes be humiliating, but the good news is that it is treatable. 

Urinary incontinence affects millions of individuals. If you have this condition, make an appointment with one of our doctors at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic Toronto. 

You risk acquiring rashes, blisters, skin and urinary tract (bladder) infections if you disguise your incontinence. This is something that can be prevented and treated by our expert medical professionals. 


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Are there different types of incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is divided into several categories:

Stress incontinence:

When you cough, sneeze, laugh, stand up from a chair, lift something, or exercise, you may have stress incontinence, which is when urine escapes due to abrupt strain on your lower stomach muscles. Stress incontinence occurs when the pelvic muscles are weakened. Women are more likely than males to experience stress incontinence. 

Urge incontinence:

Urge incontinence occurs when the urge to urinate occurs suddenly, before you have time to get to a toilet. Before you urinate, your body may only give you a few seconds or minutes’ notice. Urge incontinence is more frequent in the elderly and can indicate a kidney or bladder infection.

Overflow incontinence:

You have a constant trickle of urine if you have overflow incontinence. The cause is an overfilled bladder. It’s likely that you won’t be able to completely empty your bladder, making peeing difficult. An obstruction in the urine flow, such as an enlarged prostate gland or a tumour, causes this, which is more prevalent in males. Diabetes or certain medicines might possibly be to blame for the problem.

Functional incontinence:

When you have normal urinary control but are having difficulties going to the bathroom on time due to arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to walk about, you are said to have functional incontinence.

Post-micturition dribble (PMD):

Men who have post-micturition dribbling (PMD) report that they “leak” after urinating. The urethra’s capacity to firmly seal off urine flow is limited due to a weakening in the pelvic floor muscles surrounding it.

Overactive bladder (OAB):

Urgency, with or without incontinence, is a condition that causes frequent visits to the restroom throughout the day and night. This problem may be depriving you of your sleep if you wake up once or more in the middle of the night. Call today to learn how we can help you regain bladder control and get a good night’s sleep.

What causes incontinence?

Different medical problems, such as weak pelvic muscles or diabetes, can induce urinary incontinence. 

The following are some additional prevalent causes of urine incontinence: 

Is Urine Incontinence a Natural Aspect Of Ageing?

No. However, as you get older, your bladder’s capacity decreases. Your urine stream may get weaker as you age, causing you to feel the need to urinate more frequently. This isn’t to say that as you become older, you’ll get urine incontinence. It can be managed or treated with the right therapy.

Men Have Reported The Following Symptoms:


Why Do Men In Toronto Have Urinary Incontinence?

To hold and release urine, your pelvic floor muscles and nerve systems that regulate the bladder must function together. Certain risk factors might cause impulses in the brain and nerves to become muddled. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 


What are the options for treatment?

There’s good news for men who suffer from urine incontinence. There are several therapies available, and they are now safer and more accessible than ever before. 

The therapy for UI is determined by the cause. Our Men’s Clinic professionals will analyse your appropriateness for non-invasive laser therapy, which may involve one or more lifestyle modifications. 

Treatment is determined on the cause of the incontinence and the kind of incontinence you have. If you have urine incontinence as a result of a medical condition, it will go away after the problem is addressed. Simple remedies can frequently be effective, make sure to speak with one of our experts regarding the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Other alternatives include medicine and surgery. 

Alternative Treatment Forms:

Bladder training or specific exercises known as Kegel exercises can help with some kinds of incontinence. Kegel exercises, while developed for women, can also benefit men. These exercises may be done anywhere, at any time, to help strengthen the muscles that regulate the bladder. It might take three to six months before you notice a difference. Many types of UI are caused by weak, loose, or injured muscles. Significant gains are achieved without incisions, scars, or recovery time when laser technology is utilised to tighten and restore muscle strength.

The type of treatment you receive is primarily determined on the cause of your incontinence. This cause will be diagnosed by our Nova Medical Men’s Clinic at hand during your consultation. Once the issue has been addressed, your doctor will develop an effective treatment plan for you.

What Are Some of the Most Recent Incontinence Treatments?

Neuromodulation, or electrical stimulation of the bladder nerves, is an industry leading treatment that has potential, particularly for individuals with urge incontinence who have failed to respond to more conservative treatments. There are also injectable medicines that may help with stress incontinence in some cases. To assist the urethra coat, these injectables are injected around it.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

How Do These Treatments Work?

In your laser urinary incontinence therapy, the laser transfers heat (thermal energy) deep into the skin to the target tissues without damaging the skin. The urethral sphincter muscles and the pelvic floor sphincter muscles are critical for reliably initiating and halting urine flow. When such tissues are weakened, they don’t work as well. 

By promoting the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, the laser light is supposed to stimulate tissue growth and remodelling. As a result of the therapy, stronger, toned, and thicker muscle tissue grows over time.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Incontinence Therapy in Toronto?

To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for one of our leading Urinary Incontinence treatments, visit our welcoming men’s clinic. This is the best way to learn the cause of your issue and consider your options.

Nova Medical Men’s Clinic delivers dedicated, individualised therapy in a peaceful, contemporary setting. Our experts will meet with you individually. A detailed discussion of your concerns as well as your medical history will take place throughout your appointment. 

You’ll be able to determine if this is the best option for you following a physical examination and a discussion of the procedure’s details. Book your very own consultation today! 

Private Sessions

Your private session will take place in one of our calming treatment rooms. You’ll be able to return to work right away after that. There is no need for any downtime with urinary incontinence therapy, however your doctor may advise you to avoid sex or working up a sweat for the following 24 hours.

One session of treatment is usually enough to improve male UI. Our experts recommend a series of treatments spaced one month apart to achieve the best outcomes. Depending on the diagnosis from your doctor you may only need a maintenance session once or twice a year. As the collagen develops and strengthens the tissue around your urethra, you may notice greater control and fewer occurrences of leakage in the weeks after therapy. It takes 2 to 3 months to see the full effects of urinary incontinence treatment.

Tips For a Healthy Urinary System

There are a few things you can do before and after your urinary incontinence treatments with us to ensure that you feel your best. When you visit us, we will explore certain foods or lifestyle concerns that are known to be urinary irritants. We don’t only want to treat your condition at Nova Medical Men’s Clinic. We aim to help you feel confident in your ability to love your life.

We’ll show you how to recognise meals and drinks that are diuretics or bladder irritants. 

Having a high BMI (body mass index) increases the risk of urine incontinence by 60% to 100%. We can provide you with advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

A wide range of drugs cause systemic side effects. It’s possible that you’re taking products and medications that are affecting your urinary system. We’ll talk about the options with you.

Certain mental health disorders, as well as erectile dysfunction, decreased physical strength, and other difficulties, have surprising consequences on UI in males.

We’ll discuss how to time your fluid intake to help you stay in control. Bladder training entails strengthening bladder muscles while allowing for careful intervals between trips to the restroom. Muscles around the urinary system can be tightened by doing pelvic floor muscle workouts at the same time. 


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

Urinary Incontinence FAQ

How do you know if you have urine incontinence?

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of urine incontinence: 

What are some of the symptoms of urinary incontinence?

The majority of the time, the disease is diagnosed based on the pattern of symptoms. Keeping a urinary diary (a record of daily urination, pee accidents, and fluid consumption) might assist your doctor in identifying trends and developing a workable diagnosis. The doctor will also inquire about your overall health, incontinence history, previous operations, diseases, and any medications you’re taking. A physical examination will be performed, including a pelvic exam, and a urine sample will be analysed. 

Other, more complex tests may be required to confirm or establish the diagnosis or to guide therapy.

Why should I be concerned about my urinary incontinence?

Many people suffer from incontinence without seeking treatment. With the right therapy, many instances can be cured or managed. Urinary incontinence is the second most common reason for elderly persons being institutionalised. The issue can lead to a decline in sociability, a lower quality of life, and feelings of sadness.

What are some lifestyle changes I can make to decrease urine Incontinence?

What types of surgery options are available to treat stress urinary incontinence?

Slings—Various forms of slings, such as those fashioned from your own tissue or synthetic materials, can be used to raise or support the urethra by a health care expert. The most frequent form of sling used to treat SUI is a synthetic midurethral sling. This sling is a thin synthetic mesh strap that is worn under the urethra. 

To raise up and keep the urethra in place, stitches are inserted on each side of the bladder neck and connected to adjacent supporting structures. 

If surgery is not an option for you or fails to improve your SUI, urethral bulking may be an alternative. The tissues around the urethra are injected with a synthetic material. The chemical serves to “plump up” and restrict the urethral aperture, perhaps reducing urethral leakage.


Discreet, guy-centric aesthetic medicine and services in a way that makes sense for men.

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